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  1. Paul Wicks

    Right number of members?

    Hi guys, I'm preparing some slides for the ALS/MND Symposium in Birmingham on use of the internet by PALS and I'm trying to get some data on the different forums that are out there. According to the site stats at the bottom of the screen there are 7,000 members here but when I go through the...
  2. Paul Wicks

    New features for PLS patients

    Hi all, Just a quick note to say we've recently added a new feature for patients with PLS. Previously if you joined the ALS/PMA/PLS community and had PLS you didn't get the percentile curve backdrops that the ALS patients had. I'm pleased to say that now that we have 150+ PLS members we have...
  3. Paul Wicks

    Anyone coming to the Toronto Symposium?

    Dear all, Just a quick hi to ask if anyone's planning on coming along to the ALS/MND International Symposium in Toronto next week. I'll be there with an information stand, please do drop by and say hello if you're about. I'll be taking notes and creating a narrated powerpoint presentation...
  4. Paul Wicks

    PLS description

    Hi just browsing and saw the description for PLS. It's not true that the upper motor neurons aren't in the spinal cord. They originate in the primary motor cortex and descend down the spinal cord. There they synapse with the lower motor neurones which go out to ennervate the muscle. I...
  5. Paul Wicks

    PMA description, what is PMA?

    Just browsing, noticed something that might need tidying up. I see in the description it says that PMA is a genetic condition, this isn't strictly true. In fact there have been either zero or less than a handful of reported cases of genetically inherited PMA. There are a group of genetically...