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    Support needed bad

    Thank you two for sharing! I honestly wish you and your families the best and please keep me in your prayers and I will certainly do the same. May God continue to bless all of you who are willing to share, support, and show compassion to those who are searching for answers and for those who...
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    Bulbar palsey?

    My granddad had Bulbar Palsy since he was 23. His mouth slants to the left and sometimes he drools and it is difficult to understand him. He is now 87 and has never been diagnosed with ALS. He has and is still living an active life. He fell and broke his ankle two years ago and has not made a...
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    Support needed bad

    Hello all, Just like many I too have had numerous test done and all results were desirable and still no diagnosis what so ever. I am not hoping for anything but I have so many symptoms that I know something is going wrong. Tingling in hands and feet, needles and pins, vibrations, twitches...