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  1. tini

    Update on symptoms

    Hello, I just want to update my symptoms. Since December 2020 I have problems with my tongue. It started to change in appearance and in size. It’s progessing SLOWLY. After 1,5 year since my problems with tongue started I have now atrophy on it and some twitching ( not constant - but now almost...
  2. tini

    Tongue atrophy

    Hello, sorry, I posted here before - but the topic is closed now. Could you please help me and give me some advice or your opinion? I really don’t know what to do - what kind of diagnose I could have. Sorry for my english but it is not my native language. Thank you just to read my problem and...
  3. tini

    Bulbar symptoms?

    Hello, could you please tell me your opinion if the symptoms which I have could be ALS or PBP? Im 38 years old woman. Since august I have twitching all over my body, both upper arm weakness, occasionaly weakness in my flexors neck muscles, strange feeling in my tongue. I had 2x EMG /in august...