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    Husband's passing

    Just wanted to let you know that my husband, Ralph, who had bulbar ALS and was diagnosed Sept 14, 2006 passed away on Aug 19th. He is enjoying his heavenly homecoming but we will miss him here. I have not posted that much but come and read other people's posts and they have always been so...
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    New treatment for ALS

    Has anyone heard of some new kind of treatment that is being used on paralyzed and ALS patients to get the muscles back working. Something they implant under the skin on the chest? A man I work with was telling me he heard something about it on TV this weekend. He couldn't remember alot about...
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    Husband definitely diagnosed with ALS

    Hi, My husband was diagnosed last Thursday with ALS. His is mostly in the bulbar area and has already affected his breathing. The put him on a Bipap machine, suction machine and trying to get the ok from ins for a coughalator. We went to the Gastro dr today to see about a feeding tube which they...