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    i went to the neuro today

    i went to the neuro again today. my lab and blood work was all normal. my ncv was normal. then he performed another emg today and the same thing happend. there was fasciculations in almost every muscle he poked with the needle and he said it was strange and rare but he dosent think i have als...
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    please answer please i need to relax

    i really need some questions answerd so i can get on with life and stop worring about this and stop bothering yhall and im sorry if i was annoying. but i need some questions answerd because im really confused. first is if your first signs of als is fasciculations how long after does it normally...
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    i need more knowledge about als

    i have some questions concerning muscle weakness and slurred speach and fasciculations. what is weakness in als like u start to have trouble walking and the infected part just cant move like it used to or is it a shaky feeling like your legs shake. and the slurred speach is it very noticeable or...
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    questions i truly need answerd please

    i am freakin out so bad its not even funny and im not crazy this is actually happening. i am having muscle spams all over my legs all over. the two spots in my legs never stop movin especially the one just above my knee and it twitches violently all day long with no lettin up. and the one in my...
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    my story and apology please help

    i just wanted to say i am very sorry. i did not mean to offend anyone here. i joined this forum to seek help cuz im terrified that i have this devistating disease and im very sorry that u guys and girls have to suffer with this and i am praying for u all. i am about to be a father and i need to...
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    really big important question need answered

    if the ncv was normal and the emg showed widespread fasciculations but the motor unit contractions in the emg was norm is this a good sign
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    i need more advice is this als im freaking out

    thank u all for the advice but i need some more clarification can anxiety really make fasciculations show up on a emg as bad as it did on mine cuz the neuro said i had alot show up on mine like in every muscle he poked with the needle and i get them nonstop constantly and the ones in my legs...
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    please help do i have als

    hi guys im new here and need some help i have really bad anxiety and just got on medicine for it about 4 weeks ago but anyways i have been having alot and i mean alt of fasciculations all over my body all day long for about 6 months or longer and they have gotten worse but i have had no weakness...