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    NSAIDs-Prostaglandin Inhibitors

    Good Evening, I ended up researching due to my own problems that I encountered recently. Long story; short There may be a correlation between NSAIDs and muscle atrophy. Link Here: This is a study from 2004 which analyzed the...
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    Texas Medicaid Help

    Hello All, I need information on how to get Medicaid for my Dad who is 4 years into ALS. He already has Medicare but we need help with a CNA or assistant to help us at home with him. Were running dry and need help. We are in Houston, TX. Any help with information is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Liquid Stool

    Good Evening, I was wondering if anyone has any insight as to what may be causing my dad to have issues. He has a PEG tube and gets Kate Farms 1.0 formula every 2 hours, no real issues since he had the PEG which is around 6 months now. Around a month ago, after getting out of the hospital for...
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    Insurance for Spouse

    Good Morning, Giving this a try. A little background for my dad: He was diagnosed early months of 2017, receives Social Security Disability. Medicare A and B, recently enrolled into Supplemental Insurance as well. My mother depended completely on his income when he did work. My dad can no...
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    Where to Now?

    Hello to everyone, My father, age 56, was recently diagnosed of MND. It all started April 2016 when we noticed my dad started dragging his right foot. He began to trip and fall more than ever in his life. He was extremely athletic all of his life and has worked from the early age of 7 until...