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    Physiotherapy in early stages?

    Hiya, I am still mobile but feet are getting weaker. Diagnosed 6 months ago. I've heard using a physiotherapist regularly can be beneficial but my neurologist seems to think not. Can anyone tell me what benefit a physiotherapist was in the earlier stages, eg maintaining or even regaining a...
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    3 wheel electric tandem trike

    Hi, wondering if anyone has some suggestions for a 3 wheel electric tandem bike. My husband and I biked on manual bikes 30-50km most weekends but now I am too worried I would fall off and won't manage the hills or the distance any more. I've heard about the tandem electric 3 wheeled bikes and...
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    type 1 diabetes (or LADA) and ALS

    Is there anyone else on this group who has type 1 diabetes or LADA and ALS? I was diagnosed with diabetes 4 years ago and now newly diagnosed with ALS. Not looking forward to the challenges of managing diabetes when my hands lose function. Keen to know how others have got on.
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    Hi, newly diagnosed 3 weeks ago, but strongly suspected MND for 5 months prior. Arm weakness started over 2 years ago and looking back hand weakness and balancing issues were clear in June 2020 when I started a new job and found it a bit difficult to put on eye make up and balance putting on...