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    Baby #2

    Its because your mind is filled with anxiety. Enjoy life.. nobody can guarantee that you wont drop dead in 10 minutes. Why all the fear of something you most likely dont have?
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    ALS scare

    ALS twitches start very localized, and not widespread. People with BFS experience hotspots aswell where a place will twitch for hours, days, weeks or even months. Dont be scared by this; in most of the cases.. weakness comes first. Pain in ALS is usually at a very late stage where cramps show...
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    First symptoms?

    Some quality posts on that can be found on the forums : BFS in a nutshell - A great overview of what BFS is - Why you don't have ALS part 1 - Another excellent post -...
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    Different kind of for me

    Quality post. Blizna, stop drooling on something that you dont have. Why would you believe a 2nd EMG if you didnt believed your first EMG? taking a 2nd EMG is the ulimate proof that the anxiety fully controls you.
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    Ahh.. people who have MS call it the MS hug. Sometimes the tiny little muscles between your ribs just spasm and cause these sensations. I've had a clean MRI, but i have these sensations aswell. I think it might be due to my anxiety levels.
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    I feel like I cant go on .......

    As far as i know, brisk reflexes are considered as normal if they are the same in both limbs. Its considered abnormal if only ( lets say a leg ) one body part has the brisk reflex, while the other has a normal reflex, or no reflex at all. They also look for clonus ( like they slam you with a...
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    ALS questions?

    Benign twitches are usually caused by anxiety in some way.. allot of people over at anxietycentre have it as a symptom. Tingling and burning sensations is not consistent with ALS, because ALS attacks the muscle neurons, not the sensory neurons. Anxiety can cause these symptoms aswell. Lyme...
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    question about eye twitching

    Most people who have BFS keep drooling on those stories.. its because the anxiety already has you in control. Move on with your life, and work on your anxiety! If the twitches were caused by denervation, it would have showed up on the EMGS. Twitches alone, with no denervation shown up on the...
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    What is happenning to me?

    I agree with patricia.. there is no low level ALS.. only a slow progressive form.. but the disease is still a monster. Oh, and ALS has nothing to do with pain. Not in its early stages anyway..
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    Atrophy...why No Weakness?

    The pain is normal when you keep watching your dent and doing silly strenght tests with your thumb.