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  1. notgivnup

    Airline travel

    I have a couple questions about airline travel with PWC. Anyone have any info for me? Like layovers, do the bring your chair back to you then sto it again? Anything I should know. Next obsticle is getting from airport to destination any suggestions?Thanks :-)
  2. notgivnup


    Hey all my friends and newbies, just dropped in to say Aloha and am hoping you are all doing the best you can. I am doing ok. Trying to stay upbeat and hoping for a better tomarrow. I have missed you all soooo much!......Just checking in on Y'all!.....(((((HUGS)))))
  3. notgivnup

    For all new membbers,Just my thoughts...

    JThis was ritten awhile ago but I felt with so many new members I woulld share it again, Just My Thoughts Posted 03-02-2012 at 05:13 PM by notgivnup I just wanted to share a vision in my mind of our journey together with this horrible disease. I t is as though we are all...
  4. notgivnup

    High school bubby, Freddy Cole has passed

    I was just informed by his wife my dear Freddy passed away yesterday, with his wife at his side and he passed peacefully, naturally. Thank you all for your prayers for him. Another A L S angel to watch over us all. This is so sad my heartis shattered to pieces. Prayers for his family for Peace...
  5. notgivnup

    Just my thoughts

    I just wanted to share a vision in my mind of our journey together with this horrible disease. It is as though we are all traveling together in a wilderness desert, void of anything, struggling along together into the unknown, when one falls we all rally around to pick them up and help carry...
  6. notgivnup

    ? New Post ?

    The "New Post" button keeps taking me back to main forum page. Am I the only one?
  7. notgivnup

    Felica (Guleff Moon) is at Peace now

    Felicia has gone home and is now at Peace. We will miss you greatly our dear friend. Peace and Comfort I pray for her family, and all who knew and loved her. We heard of her passing from friends on "Come for Tea", I believe she has a place here for a tribute to her in Loving Memory of a...
  8. notgivnup


    Will the sadness ever end? The surrealness I am feeling right now is as if I am caught in a bad drream the has no happy ending. So many Pals we love, we miss so very much. Loved ones that have passed on, and here we are struggling everyday to find just a sparkle of something to keep us going...
  9. notgivnup

    Gluten and Wheat

    I have read alot of posts that people do not eat wheat or anything with gluten, When I first learned of my d x I saw that maybe I shouldn't have and tried for awhile not too but as time went on it didn't seem such a big deal. Just recently I have noticed several post stating they can't have...
  10. notgivnup

    So Tired!

    Ok, I am here to blow some steam off. Don’t usually do this much but I am sooo TIRED of all the hoops I am having to go thru! And keep getting told go back redo that hoop or that one and the ONE..on and on and on it goes. Why is it so hard to get the equipment I need? You would think I was...