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  1. CathyP


    Vanderbilt called me today and I now have an appt on Aug 3. YAY! My local ALS also called me today and left me a voicemail (I was gone when they called) that they had received my email & voicemail I had left earlier this week & to call them back. I tried but got voicemail again :( oh well...
  2. CathyP

    Don't be STUPID like me!

    When Dr Donofrio (Vanderbilt in TN) "officially" diagnosed me with ALS in Jan of this year I STUPIDLY didn't immediately sign up for the ALS clinic they have there. I called Vandy today and was told I waited too long to come to clinic and would have to see Dr. D again so he could "refer" me to...
  3. CathyP

    Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN & St. Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau, MO

    Do any of you go to the ALS clinics at either hospital? Nashville is alittle over 2 hour drive for me. Cape Girardeau is alittle over 1 hour drive. I am using sick days I have from my job to keep my health insurance as long as I can. Vanderbilt is in my health insurance network. St...