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  1. HelenL

    Massachusetts Candidate for Congress Father had ALS

    While I certainly wouldn't wish this on anyone, Richard Tisei's father had ALS... maybe someone with personal experience with this horrible disease can be a good advocate in Congress for us all. Ironically our former governor (not Romney) Paul Cellulli, is also battling ALS.
  2. HelenL

    Come for Tea

    Since this thread was originally started a couple of years ago, we have come to love and lost some of our friends. Here are the original 1st 2 postings, by Alyoop and AbbasChild (Annie): "Hi ladies as I said, lets start this chatty thread, where we can all get away from the stresses of the day...
  3. HelenL

    Bringing back the Follies...!

    I love the creativity on this site, here is a link to a great thread (hope it works):
  4. HelenL

    Anyone hear about how it went yesterday for Ted?

    He was supposed to have his second stem cell operation at Emory... Very invasive surgery from what I understand, saying a prayer for him!
  5. HelenL

    Gardens and Birds

    Since the old thread is closed, I decided to restart it... Here are some pictures of my red Bee Balm, and daylily's
  6. HelenL

    After Diagnosis, Cellucci Aiming To Help Raise Millions For ALS Research

    Story on WBZ tv Boston about former Massachusetts Gov. Paul Cellucci... I go to my clinic at UMass Medical, and met Dr. Brown there last week at an MDA/ALS Evening of Hope Gala. Dr. Brown spoke of the research being done there... After Diagnosis, Paul Cellucci Aiming To Help Raise Millions For...
  7. HelenL

    Night Splints anyone?

    I'd like to see what people recommend for night splints for ankles... I'm using an off the shelf one right now, and need to get a better one for both ankles now. What works for you? Since I'm not walking at all anymore, and both ankles are caving inward, what should I wear during the day... I've...
  8. HelenL

    Happy Golden Birthday Liz!

    You say it's your birthday, gonna rock it to you....! Hope it's the best one ever!
  9. HelenL

    Come for Tea Cookbook

    There have been so many good recipes posted in the different threads that I've been collecting, and I'm thinking about trying to put them all together in a booklet that I can post as a pdf for our members. It started with Ann's recipes, but there are many more... So as a start, I've copied and...
  10. HelenL

    Having another EMG tomorrow

    And I'm trying to remember if it's good or bad to hear the static noise in the different muscles? My neuro isn't conducting this – so I can't bug him to tell me – and I sort of want to know if it has spread into my arms or not without waiting for the official results... :) Anyone know what to...