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    Balcofen - How does it work for you?

    baclofen made me wet the bed. had to stop taking it. still struggling with painful spasticity (i take tizanidine - the max dosage- and valium as needed - but i've still got a lot of pain). all of the drugs i take make me sleepy. sometimes i nod off like a junkie...it is really frustrating.
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    Dr. Advises against Flu Shot

    re: flu shot i've been told by my neurologist and primary care physician to get the flu shot. i have declined. i have never gotten the shot and i have also not had the flu in a long time. i take lots and lots of vitamins. it's a personal choice.
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    twitch with pls?

    i have PLS diagnosed and i have twitches. i get them in my upper arms once in awhile. most of my twitching occurs in my legs.
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    you have been misinformed. my neurologist gave me the MDA paperwork and i am registered with them. my diagnosed is PLS. they referred me to a local ALS clinic (the one my neurologist works with is in NYC and too far away for basic checkups). i would call back and ask to speak to someone else...
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    new and very scared

    i am new to all of this, too. i have the same symptoms you do. i was misdiagnosed with MS despite negative MRIs and lumbar puncture. i am glad to have found a neurologist i like and trust. i am 36 years old - this all started last year when i was 35. i am single and lost my independent life...
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    Angela Lansbury now supporting ALS research

    I just saw on the Today show Angela Lansbury is supporting the ALS foundation and is their new spokesperson. Her sister died of ALS.
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    i take 32mg of tizanidine (generic zanaflex) daily (8mg a day 4X a day). it's maximum dosage and if my spasticity gets worse my neuro said she would ADD balcofen to the mix. i don't notice it all of the time and it depends on how i'm feeling in general, but sometimes it makes me sleepy and...
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    Some PLS questions

    the tapping is called clonus. it is when a muscle 'bounces' or 'continues stretching in beats' when it should not. clonus does not happen in healthy adult humans. it's interesting b/c it was one of the first signs noted by the physical therapist before i was sent to a neurologist. i never...