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    tongue color

    My tongue seems to have a slight white look to it, almost like a soft, subtle white coat. Nothing major but it seems different. Among other signs, can this a sign of ALS? Also, I am conflicted about the tongue "twiches". I have heard some say that is a sign of ALS and I heard Wright post...
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    Sometimes I get random swelling that has occurred in mainly in my hands but has occurred in my lips as well. It is odd. My hand will just suddenly swell up. I have never had this type of reaction before. Is swelling like this associated with ALS? I have what seems to be other ALS symptoms -...
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    Military ALS

    Does anyone know why the military seems to have a much higher rate of incidence with ALS? Is there any particular reason or theory as to why this is the case?
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    eye exam

    Both times I went to the Neuro with my problem, as part of my check, they looked at my eyes with the scope and light. I didn't ask why. Is there any particular reason they would be doing this? Can signs of ALS be spotted this way? Thanks for listening.
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    Advice needed

    Hi. I am a male in my late 30s. I have always taken good care of my body and have normally been in great health. I excercised regularly and eat right. I have had many strange symptoms for about 4 months. Numb upper front teeth, shaky hands, waking up at night, muscle spasms and twitches in...
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    Numb upper teeth

    What about numbness in the two front upper teeth area? Can this be a sign of ALS? Thank you for your help.
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    arm pulse

    Sometimes I see almost a mini heartbeat in my arm and wrist. Is this a sign of ALS?