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    very fast progression

    With regards to the jessb comment about her father, my mother went thru the same thing! It progressed VERY quickly. Within one month after diagnosis she was no longer able to walk, feed or clean herself. She was only diagonsed 6 months before she passed. The only advice I have to offer is try to...
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    Pain In hand and arm

    My mother was the same way....if anyone touched her hands or arms she would literally cry. the doctor prescribed the morphine patch however her mood changed drastically! Became very nasty and bitter. We tried to wean her off it but it was hard. You should speak to her DR about it!
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    Mom recently diagnosed - wants to do a natural detox?

    I would agree to anything she wants to do! My mother was diagonsed November 9, 2007 a day after her 65th birthday. She wanted to try anything and everything that could possibly prolong her life. Somethings we thought were useless but we agreed to it anyways to please her. She died May 5, 2008...
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    New Member-Mom has ALS

    Thank-you...We actaully looked into that....Our Local ALS Society is providing us with a Hoist so we will see how taht works! Thank-you for all your responses!
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    New Member-Mom has ALS

    Thank-you for your relies......We are registered with the ALS society and they are in the process of looking for a Hoist type life....but I believe that this will not suit my mother if she is so sore to the touch! I was wondering does anyone know anyhting about the easy pivot? Do the patient...
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    New Member-Mom has ALS

    I am not very familar with the Ratio patch but it is a sticky patch that we put on her that last for three days. It releases a certain amount pain killer every hour.
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    New Member-Mom has ALS

    Hi, My mother was diagonsed with ALS November 2007. Since then she is no longer to walk, feed or bathe herself. She is totally dependent on my father to lift her in and out of bed and to and from her wheelchair. This is very hard for my Father where my mother is dead weight. When she decides...