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  1. J

    DynaVox Series 4 software

    Do you have a DynaVox device? Or are you just using a laptop/desktop? What is your access method? Jason (of DynaVox). Jas[email protected]
  2. J

    Can anyone share your experience with Dynavox Voice?

    Which DynaVox does he have? A V or Vmax? What access method is he using? A SCATIR switch?
  3. J

    last few days... i think.

    Gigi: What DynaVox does your mom have? Also, what access method was she using (direct select, switch control, headmouse, etc)? It is common with ALS to have to change access methods throughout the course of the disease. You may wish to contact DynaVox (I am from DynaVox) at...
  4. J

    Dynavox speech device needed

    What insurance company are you using? Have you contacted DynaVox for assistance with insurance/funding? They are excellent at providing help in that area. You also may want to try the new DynaVox EyeMax.
  5. J

    Help...we can't communicate

    Access to Communication Andy: Can she move anything? Has she tried the headmouse, a switch, or eye-gaze? What DynaVox does she have? If it is a Vmax, the new EyeMax may work - coming in a month.