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    After 12 years I find myself here again!

    Thank you...i really did not mean to cause it possible to delete this thread so it upsets nobody else
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    After 12 years I find myself here again!

    I am sorry i did not mean to upset anyone at all...i have not been obsessing this awful disease at all. I am fully aware that people are actually suffering from it and my heart goes out to them. Again sorry i did not mean any offence or to cause any upset.
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    After 12 years I find myself here again!

    First of all I want to say a big thank you...I really seriously anyone will rememeber me. I was very active on here about 11-12 years ago as i was convinced i had this awful disease. What brought me on here was my calfs, they were twtiching all the time, they still do!...they twitch about 200...
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    If your new, and twitch - please read

    Hi all I was on here about 2-3 years ago, i was convinced i had ALS, i was more than convinced i was certain, and no one but no one could tell me i was wrong. I twitch all over but mainly in my calves...200-300 times a minute, have pain, and cramps too. Please search chrisnewton33 on youtube...
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    Can you share your symptoms & how you were diagnosed

    i have not been on here for a while, but i think that is a pretty insensitive question to ask people. chris
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    A Update and FAO Bart

    that was my point mate, was it not clean? im sure Wright could really put his mind at rest if he just lets him...anyways dont want to talk about someone else on here as its not fair on them, just Bart if you read this, get your EMG results to Wright, i really think that if you do mate it will...
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    A Update and FAO Bart

    Hey All Been a while since i posted on here and wanted to give an update and not be one of those people who just vanish after getting great help from everyone on here. As most of you will know i have really bad twitching in my calfs that go non stop and about 200+ a minute...anyways i went for...
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    Questions for longtimers (and chris_uk)

    Hi sorry taking so long to reply, just seen it ! I have had this constant twitching in my calfs now for just over a year, and i was terrified, you have obviously searched my previous posts and seen the state i got myself in. Well since last year nothing has changed for me, i still twitch...
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    Cramps and fascilations all the time!

    hi try not to get to down i have been there as so many have on this site, take a look at my video YouTube- 2009 03150001 I have this all the time and i have been told its BFS, took me a long time to believe this (didnt it Wright :lol:) but i have and have moved on Good luck chris