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    After 12 years I find myself here again!

    First of all I want to say a big thank you...I really seriously anyone will rememeber me. I was very active on here about 11-12 years ago as i was convinced i had this awful disease. What brought me on here was my calfs, they were twtiching all the time, they still do!...they twitch about 200...
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    If your new, and twitch - please read

    Hi all I was on here about 2-3 years ago, i was convinced i had ALS, i was more than convinced i was certain, and no one but no one could tell me i was wrong. I twitch all over but mainly in my calves...200-300 times a minute, have pain, and cramps too. Please search chrisnewton33 on youtube...
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    A Update and FAO Bart

    Hey All Been a while since i posted on here and wanted to give an update and not be one of those people who just vanish after getting great help from everyone on here. As most of you will know i have really bad twitching in my calfs that go non stop and about 200+ a minute...anyways i went for...
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    No where near over this

    Hi all Am having a really bad time of things, i am just living a nightmare here. Last 2 weeks my symptoms have got 100% worse, my leg twitching is beyond a joke now all down the calf, arches, instep, easily 300 times a minute. When i am laying down i can feel my whole calf muscle contracting...
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    Twitching update

    i all As you will all know i have been twitching for 7 months now non stop in the is the latest video of my calfs twitching this is proper twitching I seriously doubt that its possible to twitch more than this ! YouTube- 2009 03150001
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    Trying to define Weakness

    Hi all I know this has been discussed before but i am trying to pin point exactly the feeling i have in my calfs and legs. Constant twitching in my right calf for coming on 6 months now, had a slow nerve test in that leg and a relatively clean EMG (minor abnormalities, clinically...
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    Some Advice Needed Please

    Hi all As you all know i have had calf twitching for 5 months and a clean emg after 3 months but with a slow nerve test on my problem leg. The last 3 days have been hell, i have always had soreness in my calf since my twitching began but now when i walk my leg seizes up on me and its goes in...
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    Confused about UMN, LMN etc

    Hi all I have to say i am lost about all this UHM,LMN etc i have read the link from AL about it and i have just a few questions I have really bad twitching in my calfs, is this LMN? and would this have shown up on the EMG if it was nasty? I also have cramps and stiffness in the same calf, am...
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    Just to clear this up

    Hi all Just going back to that topic the other day where someone put a link to a survey about how slow nerves / pain etc can be associated with ALS. I know Wright said he has read all the case studies on this and then im afraid he lost me. Is there evidence to suggest that pain (sensory) can...
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    Soreness and cramps

    Hi all Well i am back again....Past few month have been hell, told by Neuro on numerous occasions i dont have MND, and i am trying my best to believe him of course i am. My biggest problem apart from the twitching (and that is still there big time, on both calfs now 24/7) is this crampy...