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    Needing answers.. Confirmed diagnosis of ALS

    Hi all, I have been posting in the "Do I have ALS" portion. Our doctor diagnosed my grandmother yesterday. She has been saying for a few months that she had ALS (it wasn't that she wanted it to be ALS... Just just kept saying you know when something is wrong with your body and that she could...
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    Waiting/dreading Dr. DX.... What can I do as a caregiver?

    We met with the ASL doctor today and after he looked over all of my grandmas previous tests he was upfront and honest with us and says that he believes it is ALS we will have a repeat EMG tomorrow. He also said that although her weakness in the arms and legs was real he thought it was caused by...
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    Nek Brace

    Hello, I mentioned someone recommending using a neck brace to my grandmother and she thought that may help her hold her head up. Does it need to be one made specifically for her or what do we need to look for. Also I have seen several posts talking about twitching and although my grandma hasn't...
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    Need opinions on possible ALS diagnosed

    Hello, I'm needing some answers from anyone who could help me out in any way. I have a very active family member who up until 6 months ago was in good health over all. She is age 76 and has worked 40+ hours a week up until the last few months. She has extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, chokes...