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    This is too fast

    Just want to vent...I am failing quickly. Just diagnosed 3-27-12 & can no longer walk, stand, situp, and very very little arm movement and now losing my voice. I'm on hospice care now (in my own home) & they have been great. I had a catheter put in and it has been good...saved me so much...
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    Catheter ?

    My hospice nurse suggested that I get a catheter as I can not walk, stand or turnover. My husband has to turn me in the bed several times to get me in a hoyer sling to use the bathroom. This is getting exhausting for him (as I'm not tiny) and is hard on me also. Has anyone done this?' Does it...
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    Question about lifts & slings

    I can no longer walk & my husband uses a Hoyer to move me to my wc or livingroom recliner. From the bed he helps me stand with the aid of a walker (with no wheels) for about 20 seconds to get my pants on & off. I am concerned as I won't be able to stand much to I get in the hoyer...
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    Hard Questions & need assistance please

    Hi, I have only been diagosed for 7 weeks but already having to use a lift all of the time. I can no longer walk & can only stand 20 seconds with the help of my hubby & a walker. My arm strength is fading quickly. I am not having any trouble with my voice...does everyone with ALS lose their...
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    New to this site & ALS

    Hi All, I just found this site yesterday & so glad I did. I was diagnosed with ALS in late March everything is moving very quickly. I could walk a few steps with a walker in early April but now can not walk at all. I can stand about 30 seconds with a walker in order to have my husband pull...