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    This sounds interesting. Could anyone with a bit more experience in the field of ALS research evaluate how promising this discovery is? Source: Dublin team in motor neuron breakthrough - The Irish Times - Wed, May 30, 2012
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    Investigational Lou Gehrig’s Disease Treatment Taps Bone-Marrow-Derived Stem Cells

    That seems interesting to me. I'm just irritated because the study seems to have been conducted in 2009... if the results were so positive, why didn't it had more impact on following research projects in the field of cell transplantation? Mats
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    Hello from Germany!

    Dear Toto, i'd like to get in touch with you (and with all the other P'ALS here in the forum as well), so i'll try to get these ten points as quickly as possible. If you or anyone else would want to write me. Take care
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    Hello from Germany!

    Dear Tofinodays, The stress of leaving the house and every aspect involved in getting to the campus using crowded public transport, walking around on the campus etc., is indeed a main aspect for my decision to pursue distance education. I feel neither completely disabled nor comfortable with...
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    Hello from Germany!

    @Akjo Haha, I wish i could draw like this. My profile picture actually shows "Vertrauen" (german for trust) by Egon Schiele, an expressionist painter from austria. I like this picture a lot, so i decided to use it as my picture here. Glad you like it as well! :) Thanks to everyone for your...
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    Hello from Germany!

    I'd like to thank everyone for the warm welcome, your advice and the good wishes. Even though i feel understood by my family and friends - talking to people who are affected by this disease is different. When i'm reading your words i truly feel that we're sharing the same burden. I always...
  7. C'est moi.

    C'est moi.

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    Hello from Germany!

    Thank you so much for your responses. I already feel that signing up here was the right decision. :) Mats
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    Hello from Germany!

    Hello, my name is Mats and i'm a university student from Germany. I was diagnosed with ALS in October 2008 after noticing first symptoms a few months earlier. I'm 22 years old now so i guess i'm a rather unusual case. My condition is declining quite slowly, i'm still able to leave the house on...