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    Mom I miss you every day more and more

    :cry: Hi all - wanted to say how much my mom has been missed...i think with time it will get better, but its not, sometimes i wish i had her next to me, i dont care if i have to suction her saliva or wipe her mouth or bath her or feed her thru the peg, none of that matters to me, as long as i...
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    My mom has been freed from ALS

    Hello All - my mom passed away in her sleep the morning of 01/16 (Wednesday), when i went to check her at 2.30am, she was no longer with us, i am gratefull in a way that GOD heard my prayers and did not let her suffer too long, my mom was diagnosed on sept 2011 lived with this horrible disease...
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    shortnes of breath !

    hi my mom has been really bad lately she is now in hospice, they come to my house regularly, but i am super afraid when i see that look of desperation in her eyes, and holds my hand tight, is this the end ? i am not sure what to excpect, can someone tell me if theres anythign they can give her...
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    Restless and Anxious !

    :cry: Hi all - Hope everyone had a "good" Christmas, i dont know if the end is near for my mom but she has been very very anxious and scared when its time to go to bed she just doesnt want to lay down, i know she is out of breath when laid back put her hospital bed allows me to bring her up a...
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    in need of some kind of energy supplement

    my mom has been very very weak these last couple of weeks all she does is sleep, and she is very weak, does anyone know what i should try to boost her energy a little, she has a not sure what to give... amy:-(
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    Cough Assist

    Hi all....i want to thank everyone for all the good advice ive gotten here....really sometimes i feel theres no one out there really knowing how devastating this disease is, except you guys...thank heaven for this forum ! i bough my mom the suction machine and it does nothing...its on the most...
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    Hand held suction machine (electronic)

    Hi again, i want to tahnk everyone that has replied to all my questions , due that this is all so new to me, and I am going through so much with my i am going to get her the suction machine, its been a couple of days she informs me she has something stuck to her throat...even though...
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    Home Care for my mom !

    Hi again, right now i am in a bad situation, my mom has an HMO she has medicaid and medicare, i have to work, its just me and her in the household, does anyone know if medicaire or medicaid will cover for someone to stay with her untill i get home from work, i can not afford $1200.00 extra a...
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    Can anyone help with a question about the peg ?

    Hi all, my mom keeps tugging and opening her peg, and its very uncomfortable to her when its just dangling down her pants, is there anything (a hidden case) or anything that is used to tuck away the tube ? Thanks, Amy:-x
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    Peg tube and Pancreatitis...has anyone had this complication

    Hello All - im having some issues with my mom and her peg tube, she got it done on 9-4...but now her blood work is coming with high levels of pancreatitis, she has never had this before, has anyone expirenced anything like this.....? Thanks, Amy:mad: