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    Hi thank you for the message. Yes, I do live in Fair Oaks. That is so weird that you messaged...

    Hi thank you for the message. Yes, I do live in Fair Oaks. That is so weird that you messaged me. I have not been on this site in about 2 years. It turns out that I just had a pinched nerve and too much reading of symptoms making me sick.. I do hope you are okay. I would be happy to meet and...
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    I had two emgs due to an unlar nerve entrapment. The first emg showed that I had denervation in the forearm and hand. The neuro was stumped..the only thing I had going for me was no weakness. The second emg all over my body showed that I had a spinal cord compression and and unlar nerve...
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    Undiagnosed? Please Read This! like Everybody is watching!
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    flu vaccine and als

    Thank You! Just alittle sidenote. I am just now getting over some nasty cold virus. my lungs are so congested. I cannot imagine if I was respitory compromised, my 02 sats would have been in the 80's this is serious business. This came before I had the chance to get the flu shot. I work in the...
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    I can tell you this....relax! Just like wright said. If you had all these symptoms and then had an emg and it was clean your okay. The muscles would have started the denervation process and thus the other symptoms would then appear. If your had a clean emg and the doctors are stumped then als is...
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    flu vaccine and als

    The flu shot is not a live virus, it will not hurt you. About the only thing that it is known to cause is a slight imflamatory response. I would get one if you are worried about the affects of some of these viruses which can be fatal in some.
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    Hey, Pdaddy, sup? How you doing?

    Hey, Pdaddy, sup? How you doing?
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    I had all the same symptoms. The biggie for me after months of neuro appts which stumped them was the classic NO WEAKNESS. So, I had my first emg. I at that point even had respitory problems. I had shortness of breath and fast heart, muscle atrophy in the classic spot the hand, very slight...
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    Hi Can I add one more response to this thread? I have vibrating in my shoulder girdle. It is a very light buzzing feeling I have had it since before the Dr mentioned that I might have als. My calves are still atrophing and I have random twitching. I have had two emgs all over my body and I do...
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    Are EMGs painful

    Well, I have only had two and it seems the pain factor was different with both. When they did my legs the pain was tolerable, my wrists and forearms hurt. But when they stuck the needle in the back of my neck at the base of my skull I howeled like a dog. It hurt bad! :roll: I guess I'm a wimp...