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  1. happy

    Als was ruled out

    Hi everybody, I am sorry I did not come back and post right away. I was feeling badly about coming on here and posting the good news when so many others did not hear the same news, I felt bad. But my dr.s did rule out als. They said I had a double crush. I have a nerve that is not conducting in...
  2. happy

    Goodbye Friends

    I find it really hard to leave this forum because I find everything you all say so encouranging. But I have found that I spend endless hours searching the differences between everyones symptoms. I am getting so paranoid that it is not serving me. I love and respect you all, you can not even...
  3. happy

    thinking about all that I was makes me sad

    When I think about my life and all that I was it makes me reallly sad. i used to travel with Reebok internationaly performing for them. Because I was beautiful and muscular. Now what is going to happen to me? Is it too much to say that i am scared. No, I don't think so..I used to be a ble to...
  4. happy

    Trouble breathing what does this mean?

    I noticed that I am having trouble breathing no matter how deep a breath I take. I am scared,,it's making me very tired and stressed.
  5. happy

    Question about limb onset als

    If one has limb onset is this less progressive than other forms of als? Also, if limbs are affected arm then legs, is the buzzing feeling that comes with some, can it come and go? If it is in the shoulder region does this mean that bulbar is next....statistically speaking? Two week countdown...
  6. happy

    What does this mean?

    I am wondering if anyone can tell me about the cramping that comes along with als symptoms? I have started cramping in the legs it feels like a charlie horse is coming on but never fully happens. Just soreness and fatigue in legs. My regular neuro is now asking for a second opinion. I have an...
  7. happy

    Problems with calves

    I was wondering if anyone can answer a question for me, My calves have been atrophing for about 4 months now. They started with twitching and cramping and now they are smaller than they used to be. I also noticed that there are dents in them. The dents are in the shin area on the front of legs...
  8. happy

    Losing use of my hands

    I started working on Mon. it was very hard, but I managed. Last night I woke up several times because of a irritating feeling in my forearm. I noticed that I was losing the ability to move my left hand. Its as if I am losing the sensation to move it. The right hand is very stiff. I don't know...
  9. happy

    I don't know what to do?

    I was seen this last month and my dr was at a loss for what to diagonse me with. He finally said it was the possibilty of Parsonage Turner Syndrom. I was reluctant to accept this but relieved. I do not have any pain. Just discomfort in my neck and arm with atrophy and weird sideeffects that...
  10. happy

    Feel like crying all the time

    I have seen with different neurological problems that crying or uncontrollable laughing can be a symptom. But I am wondering about crying everyday. It is not hestarical crying. I know this may seem like a really dumb question but does this sound reasonalbe? I have felt like crying all the...