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    My boyfriend has had difficulty with speech x 2 yrs now. 4 clean EMGs. No other symptoms but spasticity in vocal cords and tongue. He just started botox injections and has been put on baclofen. Questioning PLS vs spasmonic dysphonia. Has anyone started with just speech problems? Could this still...
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    Merry christmas

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone :):smile:
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    Hi.. Just wanted give an update. Its been over 15months and so far my Bf symptoms have not progressed and no new onset of symptoms. Still just speech. He just had his 6mnth EMG (which is the 3rd one) still normal. I'm sooo confused can it still be ALS. Neuro said can't rule ALS out yet but...
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    Trouble speaking

    Re: Do these symptoms point to ALS? Hi again. My boyfriend states that he feels like someone is squeezing the back of his tongue. Anyone ever had this symptom? He is so fustrated! States how hard it is for him to talk.Takes so much effort. I feel soo bad wish there was something I could do...
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    Difficulty with speech

    My question. My boyfriend 42 yrs old has had difficulty with speech x 10 mnths. Dx as spastic dysarthria. He has had 2 EMG which were normal. All reflexes normal. neg babinski. 5/5 muscle strength. balance/coordination WNL No other signs of UMN. No LMN involvement. Could it still be ALS? No...