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    Balcofen - How does it work for you?

    Baclofen: No Least for Me I have tried it twice over the past two years...up to dosages of 60mg per day. It had no effect on my leg stiffness and made my speech worse. I am going to be trying something else...I will report on it to the Forum after I see what happens. A doc friend...
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    Mood swings

    Emotional Roller Coaster As has been stated, the laughing/crying thing is part of the PLS bag of tricks. I have tried several anti-depressants for this. They did help with the laughing stuff but at a serious price...the sex life went down the tubes. Apparently, this is common with these...
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    Status: OK

    Just had a 6 month Neuro visit. Speech issues are the most frustrating for me. He and the speech pathologist were very interested in the experimentation I have been doing with nicotine. I will keep you all posted. The speech pathologist was great in explaining why the speech issues so I at...
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    PLS and Speech Issues

    This May Sound Nuts... A few weeks ago, I posted a note about the effect of Nicotine on speech. I am currently experimenting with a 2mg nicotine lozenge. I originally tried smoking a pipe [which I used to do --tobacco, by the way] and the effect was amazing. I don't want to smoke tobacco on...
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    Nicotine and Speech Issue

    This will probably sound here goes. One of my sons told me of an acquaintence whose father has similar symptoms like I have [PLS for about 4 years now]. He knows that the movement issues are annoying to me, but within the last year, my speech has suffered. He said that this woman...
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    Bulbar Onset - speech difficulty?

    I wrote somewhere else that I recently started up on Baclofen. It seems to be working.
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    Watch Out for those Stairs

    Hi, Everyone, Couple of things: My speech began to get a bit funky a few months ago. The mobility issue is annoying, but the speech thing is alot tougher for me to handle. I asked a speech pathologist who deals with neuro stuff about trying Baclofen. She said she has heard mixed results...
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    Hi, Hannah Welcome to the group. Your mom is lucky to have you care enough to read through all this. I have some urinary issues that drive me nuts. I seem to be fine, but when I have to go, it is red alert and sometimes I just don't quite make it. I sometimes think is it psycholgical...
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    A couple of weeks ago, I did one of my famous attempts at acrobatics [I fell]. I experienced pain in my shoulder and upper arm every night to the extent that I could not sleep. I went to see a very good friend of mine who is an orthodpod. He diagnosed it as a rotator cuff injury. He said lets...
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    Silently Worrying

    Gracie I know that as the spouse, you have the toughest job of all. Be strong for him while you silently freak out. My wife worries about me and loses sleep. You really never got into detail about your husband's age, symptoms, how long he has had them, etc. Perhaps that would be helpful to...