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    Mom passed into Gods hands

    mom passed peacefully and is now dancing with Jesus and signing with the angles. Family was with he roost of the night in wis, I was put on my porch under the beautiful sky in TX..finally went to bed..woke up, around 230 am, wide awake went to the bathroom, got some water, back in bed, didn't...
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    Said goodbye to Mom

    So Sat said goodbye (or should say I didnt say those words) to was the most heartwrenching hardest thing I ever did,..we cired and cried..I told her to come visit me as one of her fav birds and that one day we would walk on the beach again like we did in Florida every year for miles and...
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    It's ok to laugh right?

    So visited with mom this morning, she took nap so decided to leave the hospice for lunch, as I was walking out, they were wheeling a dead body out covered in a nice hand made quilt all the nurses standing very I decided to wait moment as they went out the front door..then I saw them...
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    Death goodbye? Procrastinating ...

    Ok, so I made it to wis, good flight, rentL to city where my hotel is, and sitting next to me at stoplight is my sister in law! So that Must be a good sign! Hard will mom pass? Breathing? Will she just fall asleep and be with God? I think this will be peaceful for...
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    So mom is being moved to hospice tomorrow from hospital She asked my stepdad is this short term care or to die, he answered long term care and she could stay as long as she wants. My moms sister, my aunt who was a nurse said she thinks she has about a month.. I live in TX and mom up in Wis, I'm...
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    Happy mothers Day!

    Happy mothers day to all of you mothers, and thank the Lord for Skype! It was priceless today to see mom via Skype!..she looked good and seemed happy! Made my day
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    Vet Benefits

    Does anyone know if my mother could get vet benefits since her hubby was a vet?
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    Home Hospice Care - when?

    When can a PALS get medicare to pay for Home Hospice Care? Mom has more than 6 months to live, diagnosed Jan 2011, .can we get it earlier than that? Any info is apprecaited! thankyou! Pandabear
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    New to Forum - living long distance from Mom

    Mom was diagnosed at 73 yrs, Jan 2011, she lives in Wis with her 86 yr old husband who has huge balance problems. So yes that is a huge problem! I am her daughter and live in TX. Mom and Stepdad moved into an independent apt, now finally have home health care coming in almost daily. Stepdad...