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    Skeleton Key keyboard

    Does anyone else use Skeleton Key keyboard? I tried it love it now i depend on it. So I bought it but the purchase e-mail came with a blank key ! I sent 5 e-mail to support, registered a BBB complaint and a paypal dispute and still no key. Can anyone help me out? [email protected]
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    what food for Peg Tube?

    Let's see I use a variety of stuff; Breakfast - 2 Ensure Plus + powder Ester-C 16oz water Lunch 1 Jevity 1cal - 1 glass red wine + Liquimax vitamin 16oz water Dinner 1 Jevity Prozac 16oz water + various non-scheduled; Beer Wine Muscle Milk
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    Finally Depressed

    I was so depressed, constantly sick and up all night - then i met liquid prozac which fixeo all 3 things. Oh add wine ;[0
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    ALS Documentary- Indestructible

    Not to be a downer but his dad ripped me off $700/mo for herbal tea.
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    Do ou guys go to Forbes-Norris?
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    Curious To Know

    Well sometimes it's due to eanly onset. However positive attitude helps quite a bit.
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    Sexuality in ALS: Online Research Study

    My turn I guess. The questionnaire made me feel a little violated lol. I just turned 38 and am still functioning correctly - like a teen sex aholic that gets excited when the wind blows. However, there has been no intamacy [sex] in 7 years. This may be the reason for my increased desire. This...
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    assistive technology clinic (voice banking)

    Yes you can use other voices on the Dynovox :) been waiting 2 months for my unit.
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    Sexuality in ALS: Online Research Study

    Anyone want to discuss?
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    The anti depressant ? Is it in liquid form? Better than prozac?