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    Skeleton Key keyboard

    Does anyone else use Skeleton Key keyboard? I tried it love it now i depend on it. So I bought it but the purchase e-mail came with a blank key ! I sent 5 e-mail to support, registered a BBB complaint and a paypal dispute and still no key. Can anyone help me out? [email protected]
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    Help I'm a chronic spitter, any suggestions?
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    DynaVox Series 4 software

    After reading quadbliss home automation web page I got excited and thought I would implement so I bought a laptop , 2gs of ram, and redrat2. So Then I find out DynaVox Series 4 software is no longer available ! Ugh! i was hoping for software so i could put it on my desktop too. Anyone know...
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    Working on 10yrs with ALS

    My name is Adam and I was diagnosed at Kaiser with ALS in 2000, yes 9 years ago. Re diagnosed by neurologist, re-re diagnosed at Forbes Norris in SF. I started having foot drop, then legs arms etc. I currently have g-tube and wear bipap 24hrs. I thought i'd write some hints and tips that have...