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    father of two scared of cramps for a month

    I am so sorry to bother you and pray for you each day. I have read multiple ALS pages and threads and cannot get a clear answer. Are cramps a first symptom of ALS. I have struggled for over a month with cramping and a pulling feeling in my feet and calves. I have no clinical weakness and my...
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    I pray for each and everyone of you guys each and every day. I am so sorry to take some of your valuable time but I've been experiencing some really scary symptoms over the past three months. I am a 50-year-old male who has been experiencing pain in the arches of both feet and calves for the...
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    Do I have ALS

    I have been having symtoms for over 3 months. I wake up each day and feel good with no symtoms. For the past 3 months and as each day progresses, I have been experiencing numbness, tingling, pins, needles and pain in my right foot/calf. I have read that these are sensory issues and that ALS are...
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    Does symtoms come and go

    I completed a 200 mile bike race just one month ago. For the past month I have been experiencing pins and needles numbness and minor weakness in my right foot and leg in the evening while sitting or standing. When I get up and moving it tends to go away. My chiropractor tells me that it it is a...
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    Do ALS symtoms come and go

    I am a 46-year-old male. I wake up each day and feel perfect. There are no problems no symptoms no signs. I go to the gym and climb 200 flights of stairs on the stair climber. There is no problem or weakness. However toward the end of today I feel numbness tingling pins and needles in my right...