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    Update 18 months post ALS diagnosis - question re "too harsh"?.

    My husband, age 73, had 3 normal EMG's before 4th one raised likelihood of als and second six months later confirmed. My husband was convinced he had CTS before and after ALS diagnosis; and attributed other early weakness and pain to rotator cuff issues, meniscus issues which is what it felt...
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    Night sleeplessness

    My husband is frequently walking at night. He is on antianxiety med. Sometimes he thinks he has to urinate. Sometimes he is not able to. Mostly he just feels restless. This is hard on the caregiver as he can no longer sit up or lie down on his own (even with a hospital bed). Usually he is up...
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    ALS and Toxicity

    My husband diagnosed in January with lower motor neuron disease, ALS. He seemed to respond positively to PT, and looked more stable on his feet. At the same time, hand function declined. We went 'off the grid' in March seeking input from integrative MD who performed toxicity studies...
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    Wheelchair advice

    we have begun searching for an outside chair as my husband can only walk a short distance. He is still fine inside the home. Something easy to get in and out of car. Suggestions?
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    My husband is recently diagnosed--seconding opinion from Columbia Hospital confirming ALS

    He is 72 and seemingly in good health (ran marathons, biked daily) until 20 months ago when he unexpectedly had bypass surgery after failing a stress test. He never quite recovered from the surgery...just continued to get weaker. We attributed to the surgery and COVID with gyms closed. When...