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    Post made me cry for you all.

    Haven't been on here lately, so sad to see how many PALS have pasted away. Sad to hear some PALS are getting worse. I would sometimes get a little envious reading that you still had your PALS alive. But when I read your stories, it breaks my heart all over again. I am so sorry you all have to...
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    I am mad today

    I am mad my dad is not here to celecbrate his wedding anniversary with my mom. I am mad I can't call and wish you "happy anniversary". I am mad that I am not going to hear about where you went to eat. I am mad I won't hear about what you ate. I am mad. I'm so mad I can't stop crying. I guess I...
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    Free from ALS

    My dad passed away yesterday from Bulbar ALS. He stayed alive long enough for my family to make the trip to say goodbye. The day after I left he passed. I am sad but I feel a sense of calm. I used to read these post before he passed. After seeing my dad now I know why people write "Freed from...
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    my dad passed this morning

    I said goodbye last night and flew back home. Dad entered hospice right after I left. This morning his quietly passed with my mom by his side. My dad held on so I could visit with my family. I am grateful I was able to say goodbye. Amazed my dad would hold on each day for me. Begged him to wait...
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    Advise from Caregivers

    My dad who has Bulbar ASL should been released from the hospital this week. He was just diagnosed this week. My mom is a mess. She feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. I told her once she gets home & talks to others in the ALS community she won't feel so alone because they...
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    Dad has bulbar ALS

    My dad was just diagnosed with Bulbar ALS. It's seems to be progressing fast. His speech is faint. On a PEG already. Just put on Bi-Pap. Since he was just diagnosed this week at the Mayo Clinic his emotions are all over this place. I don't want to see him suffer. I look for advise and guidance...