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    Whirlwind of symptoms

    Hi all. I'm 27 years old and I've had a rough 1.5 months. I know a lot of this sounds nothing like ALS but please bear with me. Around late January, I began having daily headaches for about 2 weeks (I'm not one to ever get headaches). I began to have a lot of brain fog and head pressure at...
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    Constant jaw pain, left-sided stiffness

    Hello everyone - I have posted here before (quite some time ago), but I'm still having some doubts/concerns. I know ALS is exceedingly rare at my age (let alone any age), but I'm starting to have a hard time believing that my symptoms could be anything other than early ALS or MS. Symptoms...
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    Left side weakness, buzzing feeling

    Good morning all, Sorry to bother you again with my symptoms, but I'm growing concerned again about the possibility of MND. I posted previously concerning what I thought were bulbar symptoms, and the consensus was that the symptoms did not sound like ALS, and my neurologist did not notice...
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    Bulbar onset?

    So I'm a 22 year old male who has been having some neurological symptoms lately. It started with postural tremor in the hands and limbs (no resting tremor) along with some clonus-like jerking. I have since noticed some difficulty swallowing, my gait is a little strange, my voice gets hoarse...