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  1. Floyd Parton

    Post #3 VA Bathroom

    I am hoping to have the VA install a downstairs bathroom for me. Suggestions from those who may have some experience with this. What should I ask for specifically. I do not want to forget something important. If they will do it, I would like to have a bedroom and bathroom but I will have to see...
  2. Floyd Parton

    Post #2 Weight / Appetite

    I go to Vanderbilt in Nashville on 19 July to visit Dr Donofrio, the regional expert on ALS, so I wanted to wait until after 19 July when I would have a second opinion concerning my ALS diagnosis and then I was going to make my second post, however I had a pressing question and was hoping for...
  3. Floyd Parton

    Floyd Parton - Post #1 Hello

    Hello, My name is Floyd Parton. Tomorrow I go see my neurologist to review the results of all my medical tests. We have been talking all along and I already know what he will tell me. After I get the "official diagnosis", I will begin working on getting my 100 percent DAV paperwork in and start...