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    Gravity is for sure a problem for us. I wish I had listened a little closer to this John Mayer tune, maybe I wouldn’t have fallen 5 times this year 😁
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    How to relieve pain from sitting long time

    Presently I’m setting down for 12 hrs and in bed 12 hrs every day. Starting to have pain on my bottom and lower back when setting, I’m setting on a 4” foam cushion, still able to stand up for a minute and do so every couple of hours but the pain returns quickly. Is there anything I can get or do...
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    One of those days

    Today I’m feeling like I’m just sitting around waiting for the 😀
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    Letter from Boston VA Medical Center

    Do all vets with ALS receive this letter about brain donation for research?
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    Time traveling can be relaxing

    I just returned from a Hall and Oats 1985 concert and it was great and it was relaxing. To get there is simple, go to YouTube on the tv find the concert you want, turn on your amp and subwoofer and your on your way. Tonight going to see The Bee Gees in 1976, tomorrow Rolling Stones in 1975, the...
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