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    New member and my pals is SO BORED! Online game rec's?

    This might seem like an obvious tip, but how about Podcasts? At least she can rest her eyes, and just listen. And there is virtually EVERY topic available. My PALS listens a lot. Hope you find something fun!
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    How do you release your alertness?

    This is one of the worst parts for me. The constant vigilance and never being able to fully relax, as the next 'request' is mere minutes away at any time. My brain hurts, my heart hurts, I have little patience. When I DO have a few minutes, I honestly just stare off into space. If we have...
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    Longtime CALS, first-time poster

    Thank you Sharon. What a tremendous relief hearing someone else say words I say to myself all the time. I didn't think anyone else would understand, but finding this group has helped me feel better already. 💜
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    Longtime CALS, first-time poster

    Hello everyone, I want to hug ALL of you. I have felt so incredibly alone in my situation, but JUST hearing that I am not the only one having this experience has already made me feel better. My husband is the PALS and has VERY slow progression. Diagnosed in August 2011 and just lost the...
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