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    How are you? The Remix.

    Stacy here. It will be 3 months since my husband passed. His dog went over the rainbow bridge 3 weeks before him. Need to sell the big house but needs a little work. I will luve in our little 99 sq ft adobe. Having a hard time coping as crap keeps happening: had to sleep in tbe car 2 of...
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    Wheelchair for sale

    Permobil F5 with 6.2 miles (he didn't last long). Forward tilt, rise, full recline. Roho single compartment 4" cushion with cover, pump, and pressure sensor. Set up for 5'8" 180 lbs. Some adjustment possible. $4500. [email protected]
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    Permobile F3 power chair

    6 miles on the chair. Thanks for that help. It didn't post, but only 6.2 miles on the chair. He didn't have enough time to use it.....
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    Permobile F3 power chair

    Thanks Steve. It does have the power leg lifts and recline function. Only purchased it about 4 months ago. (My husband went very fast) so shouldn't need new batteries or Roho cushion. Husband was 5'7", 180 lbs. Stacy
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    Permobile F3 power chair

    Used only 5 times. Color is orange. Does have the rise function and forward tilt. No standing function. Has Roho cushion with sensor. $2500
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    Eyegaze computer

    Used 2 weeks. Eye tobii, wheelchair mount, computer for sale. Paid $2900. Make offer. Support through VisuALStech. Thru UCO in Edmond. Contact at [email protected]
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    New caregiver

    Being a nurse has been a huve help. I've used all the equipment before. And I know what to expect. I can certainly help with that. Collecting equipment has been arduous. I am handy so took door and front glass panel off our shower. Then put down rubber dam. We can now roll in. Cut up a...
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    New caregiver

    So sad. Husband diagnosed end of December. He's very used to being in charge and making all the decisions. I am a RN/NP. So I know a bit about caregiving. He fights me on all the ways to do things. Slowly he is beginning to listen to me but it's frustrating. I only seem to cry when...
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