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    A Heartfelt Thank You

    It is with a heavy heart that I have to let you all know my dad passed away from complications from pneumonia this Sunday. We thought that we would have more time with him but he went from slow progressing to very fast in a short period of time. Before his illness, he lived life to the fullest...
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    Progression Changes

    Hi Everyone, I guess I’m just grasping for straws here but when my dad was diagnosed with limb onset als he was progressing rather slowly. His breathing was great and he was still walking. Fast forward to the last three or four months and he has gotten drastically worse. He can’t move most of...
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    Easy to press call system

    Hi all, I recently purchased a wireless doorbell that rings upstairs so my father could call us when in need. It has become increasingly hard for him to press the button. Does anyone know if there are “easy to press” call systems available? Keep in mind I am in Toronto, Canada.
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    Is there a rhyme or reason?

    My dad was diagnosed in March 2018. He walked out of the office, slowly, but on his own. September 2018 he was still walking with a walker. Breathing was great. Fast forward to May, he is in a wheelchair, his breathing is under 60 and he has very little movement in his arms. He can still eat...
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    Drastic change in breathing

    Hi everyone. My dad was diagnosed March 2018 with ALS. He has limb onset. His breathing, swallowing and talking have not been affected as of yet. ... so we thought. Today he had a breathing test. His score is December 2018 was 92 and today it was in the low 60s. That seems like a drastic change...
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    Slow or fast progression?

    Hi All, My dad was officially diagnosed with als in March 2018 although he was exhibiting signs as early as May 2017. I remember going to the neurologist for the diagnosis and my dad walked there. Slowly but he walked. Now he can barely walk in a walker. His left side is much stronger than his...
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    Breathing got better?

    My dad was diagnosed this past March with ALS but we are sure he had it for about a year or so prior. He just went back this week for his three month check and his breathing went from 86% to 92%. They said that is rare. Anyone else experience that? With that being side he has become weaker in...
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    Hi there. My dad was diagnosed this past March and is on rilutek as well as he is taking edaravone. I am interested in where I can get rch4. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Thanks for all your help Karen
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    What to expect

    Hi Everyone. I just want to say that I am very grateful for this site and the time that everyone takes to respond to each post. My dad started displaying symptoms last summer. He was falling a lot and having fasiculations. He went through a boat load of tests and was diagnosed with als this past...
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    Asking for any information on PEMF treatment. Thanks.