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  1. Pkmado


    Phil and I had met a couple at a Christmas Party. The gentleman had been into his diagnosis for about a year and was very far advanced in such a short time. When my husband passed I touched base through friends to see how he was doing. I offered Phil's power wheel chair and our van that we had...
  2. Pkmado

    peaceful passing

    My husband also had a peaceful passing even though there is nothing truly peaceful about ALS. I take great comfort as you must that he did not anticipate the moment of his own passing. If there are any gifts to be had with this Nasty disease a peaceful passing is one to be grateful for. I just...
  3. Pkmado

    Thank you

    To thank everyone on this forum who ever answered a question, shared in the pain, took the time to console or just shared in the experience whether it be difficulties or joys. Phil and I took great comfort in knowing we were not alone. I am most thankful that we did not anticipate that the time...
  4. Pkmado

    time for nursing home

    Do not underestimate the helping hand of Hospice care. Call them, he will qualify. My husband is VA and after his PEG insertion there were difficulties. A good friend suggest hospice. We were a bit put off at first but find their help invaluable. My husband after a couple of years has now moved...
  5. Pkmado

    Such is the journey

    Your post has reached in and touched my soul. May Peace be with you.
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  10. Jade and Baby Arielle

    Jade and Baby Arielle

    Visit from my dear step daughter from FL and month old child. Thank you for stepping up to the plate and giving so much to your Dad from so far. It means so much our daily baby pics, text messages and phone calls. It the little things that mean so much.