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  1. Floyd Parton

    One down, 49 to go.

    Love you my als brother
  2. Floyd Parton

    Pride of the Yankees

  3. Floyd Parton

    For all new membbers,Just my thoughts...

    words of wisdom my dear online ALS friend.......a tough journey.......friends help so much.......cheers.....fp
  4. Floyd Parton

    Post #3 VA Bathroom

    I am hoping to have the VA install a downstairs bathroom for me. Suggestions from those who may have some experience with this. What should I ask for specifically. I do not want to forget something important. If they will do it, I would like to have a bedroom and bathroom but I will have to see...
  5. Floyd Parton


    like CathyP i sweat even with minimal exertion
  6. Floyd Parton

    My husband

    i too am an als vet and my heart goes out to you and your family......welcome to a wonderful group of supportive friends.....cheers...fp
  7. Floyd Parton

    VA Adaptive Housing

    Based on your experience. Any suggestions as to mods. I have a split level home. Only one bath and it is upstairs. All bedrooms are upstairs. Ideal would be a bathroom and bedroom addition downstairs. Any specific suggestions about bathroom mods? Thanks in are one of the most...
  8. Floyd Parton


    this issue seems to be garnering a lot of interest......Syekick let me know if you find any good kilt outlet stores in the care my friend.....cheers....fp
  9. Floyd Parton

    Yes it is. I take the Protein Ensure. 1 to 2 per day. I try to eat a lot and am holding steady...

    Yes it is. I take the Protein Ensure. 1 to 2 per day. I try to eat a lot and am holding steady at 215 - 216 pounds. I go to the Vanderbilt ALS clinic for the first time tomorrow. My right arm is really weakening on me. Guess it will be the first thing to go....and of course...I am right...
  10. Floyd Parton

    VA Adaptive Housing

    Do you have to buy a house or have one built for the SAH? Or can you use it for your present home? I read the following online •Specially adapted housing grant (SAH) - Certain veterans and service members with service-connected disabilities may be entitled to a Specially Adapted Housing (SAH)...