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  1. rictak in IA

    I think I'm finally giving up

    7 1/2 years its been now. from a slight tingle in her left foot to total paralysis took roughly 2 years. very slow decline since then, really where do you decline to? her breathing is compromised, but O2 levels stay up with nightly use of the bi-pap. If it was just us, I'd probably suck it...
  2. rictak in IA

    Iowa ALS association

    Decided last night that it was time to get a tranport rack for the power chair. 8:30 A.M. today I called the ALS assn. to see if they handled items like this. 10:00 A.M. Got a call to tell me that they only had one, but it was out. 12:00 another call, "That family is done with it, and would...
  3. rictak in IA

    Red Letter day. Carreer changes.

    Patty was asked last week by the admins. of her school district to step down as FT Kintergarten teacher. Of course she is slowing down, and deligating help around the room, and has been for some time. But the powers that be have decided that it is in everyones best intrest if she repopsitions...
  4. rictak in IA

    New, and saying hi.

    Hi, I'm a 41 yr old handyman/carpnter from NW Iowa. My beautiful wife is 37 and was diagnosed in may of this year. mostly weakness and stiffness in her left side, no breathing or swallowing issues. I doubt she will ever come around to forums like this, kind of an ignoance is bliss sort of...