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    Allen Lake is in heaven

    so sorry for your loss I will truly miss Allen .even though we had out a few times I learned a lot from him he will be in my thoughts always
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    allen I will miss you thank you for all your advice you'll be in my thoughts always

    allen I will miss you thank you for all your advice you'll be in my thoughts always
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    Baclofen dosage and side effects

    Old dog , I have patients that are being treated with Botox injections to lower and upper extremeties. My patients are CVA(stroke) spinal cord injury, MS. they are all older the youngest is 68. Insurance should cover it. You should ask about botox inj. for your LE to decrease spasticity. It...
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    Thanks everyone for your advice. Another botox injection so we will see if it helps. Guess if its PLS botox really won't help thats what the ENT said. But it will work with SD. Brother rock, I don't know what your symptoms are however position definitely would not effect PLS but would if the...
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    Baclofen dosage and side effects

    That is a very low dose. Baclofen does work to a certain extent. It takes time they start with small dose then increase it. Is botox an option for you?
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    I know that an EMG only shows LMN involvement. PLS is UMN disease. I was wondering from your initial symptom how long did you develop more. Botox relaxes the muscles. If you have spasticity botox will decrease it because it paralyzes the muscles. I'm sooo sorry hang in there and thanks for your...
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    My boyfriend has had difficulty with speech x 2 yrs now. 4 clean EMGs. No other symptoms but spasticity in vocal cords and tongue. He just started botox injections and has been put on baclofen. Questioning PLS vs spasmonic dysphonia. Has anyone started with just speech problems? Could this still...
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    I think I have ALS

    numbness/tingling is sensory. ALS doesn't affect sensory tracts.
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    My story

    My boyfriend has had 4 normal EMGS. He goes to one of the best neurologists. She runs the ALS clinics and head of neuro at MGH. She says that ALS is still a possibilty can't rule it out. Yes you need an abnormal EMG plus other criteria(both UMN and LMN involvement) to make a diagnosed of ALS but...
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    The battle is over

    so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you!