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    Looking for info on bow Chest

    anyone have links to information about this..
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    Last day to help

    A while back I posted a link to a contest that would win us a home reno making the home functional as my husbans als progresses..TODAY is the last day to vote..please vote and leave a commnet how this would help.,life with als anything that would inform the judges..Thanks all...
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    Looking for support

    I have an oppurtunity to make life a little easier and improve the quality of my pals life..can you please vote and express how difficult this journey with als is.thanks all! I entered the Raymar Contest in hopes of obtaining a bathroom reno which would be functional for Ron.As you know ron is...
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    Looking for feedback..We are well into this als disease..My husband decided in the beggining he would not take any meds ..he wants this over.Although I do not agree with this i respect his wishes and have supported him..he cannot speak but is now moaning all the time..i dont even know if he...
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    Looking for more info on als

    My husband was diagnosed over a year ago with ALS.I could list his condition but was justwonderingif it was always breathing issues or pneumonia that will end his life.I'm worried,he is in pretty bad shape but so far no bipap or other devices...could he just pass away without ever going down...
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    life expectancy?

    just got back from our als clinic...just wondering(please dont think i am uninformed or ignorant)but my husband was not prescribed any breathing aides(bipap)..are we safe for a while..he is decling went from 195 to 173 in 3 months and is eating well..its all muscle loss,speech is poor and i know...
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    icy cold blue feet

    my husband feet are so cold to the touch they almost do i warm them up//does anyone know what comes next to the body?also he has a small pressure sore on hid behind .Can anyone reccommend a product to help clear this up.We are using a cushion and movin g as much as possible.i put...
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    Forgive me if I seem uninformed but I can't find an answer anywhere to my husband has ALS .his speech is pretty bad now,he experiences aspiration and occasional chocking..his neck and throat are twitching uncontrollably.he has not been diagnosed with bulbar als,but could this cut off...
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    Still need Your support!

    Could all of you please take the time to read my story,i am sure it is like most of yours.Then vote to help me make life a bit easier as we live with ALS. I cannot afford to make any changes, we are just getting by and winning a reno could really help us to stay positve. Thank you all so much...
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    Insurance..what A WASTE OF mONEY

    sO iM REALIZING AS i GO THROUGH THIS THAT IT IS A FIGHT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.An Ot was over to presciribe thing for my husbans safety and mobility..Called the insurance provider that we have paid into for 25 years and even the little things arent covered..I should have figuered this out when...