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    ..No more meds

    my mom was given the only medicine which "helps" ALS. well it wasnt really helping..she felt worse than before so we decided to stop giving it to her since they say it only helps 50% of people. She looks alot better, not so pale. but shes going through detox. Breaking out into cold sweats along...
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    good night mom

    Mom, today you've been told about your G tube surgery in 2 weeks. Even though i act like i'm okay and i support it, i see the pain in your eyes and the tears you cry..and slowly inside im goin crazy. BUT i want you to know that everything is going to be all right.. ill never leave your...
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    May god help us

    My 17th birthday's Wednesday and let's just say it has to be the worst to come. Two months ago, my mom was diagnosed with ALS. I sit here and think about the times I used to think life was hard, how stupid I was....This has completely changed my life and although I grew up as a "tough girl," I...