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  1. Lilacs53

    A interview

    Good morning everyone :) I did a 45 minute phone interview this last Wednesday on ALS. I will be getting paid a $100 for it, but would have done it for nothing. The young man that interviewed me was very professional but yet compassionate. All I had to do was tell my story about how ALS has...
  2. Lilacs53

    Long time no see ...

    Thank you, missed you too. We are hoping to get a grant from One of various Arizona programs Idk if they have the same type of program in other states though, but it might be worth looking into. Gerard is going to call them in the morning. Two weeks ago I made the painful decision to not...
  3. Lilacs53

    Long time no see ...

    Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've checked in. We had computer problems and had stuff going on with our family that we required our full attention, but all of it seems to be taken care of for now. I hope everyone is doing all right here or as best as can be. The disease has spread...
  4. Lilacs53


    I haven't noticed any mild mood boost, but for the most part I tend to look at the positive side of stuff. My Dr has taken me off of it for a week due to heart palpitations that I have been having, if there's no change then I can go back on it and then we will have to figure out what could be...
  5. Lilacs53

    Going for the Vent

    I have been thinking more and more about Death with Dignity and hoping a bill will come to AZ for it. I had read somewhere that t was, but according to this website it isn't. The website explains more about it [URL snipped, but Google can surely find it easily enough] what do you all think about it?
  6. Lilacs53


    Welcome to our community that we all wish was here for better reasons, but am grateful that it's here.
  7. Lilacs53

    Tillie's Trees

    Re: Pretty bad news Is he on the right side branch?
  8. Lilacs53

    Carbon dioxide poisoning

    No I'm not using a bipap or Trilogy...not sure what those are.
  9. Lilacs53

    finger claw

    Thank you ((((Tillie))))
  10. Lilacs53

    Pretty bad news

    That's okay Neil, there's a lot of us here and it's easy to get us mixed up. lol Tillie, your generosity to Neil has brought me to tears. What a good heart you have ...just a kind person you are. I am glad to know you as well as the others here. You go beyond the call of duty to help others out...