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    had 2nd Botox on April 12

    the first injection still works but neuro went farther up left arm and shoulder with 2nd as was starting to tighten in left bicep and shoulder. Am feeling numb in left knee and ankle aches. Does this mean the ALS is travelling? Regarding tube to make easier swallowing food, when should I...
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    Anyone tried the botox? with what results?

    had first teatment yesterday and it has already helped with spasticity in my left arm. Neurologist injected botox into bicep and loer arm. My fingers were cramping so tight it was painful to pry them open to massage them. He says will do fingers in 2 1/2-3 months. I take 3 baclofen and on bad...
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    want to return to a prior post

    have been reading until my eyes blur. just would like to see if are respnses to a post I did yesterday. help, please.
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    going for Botox treatment tomorrow

    It is for pain due to atrophy in left hand. It cramps so badly it cannot be eased open w/o hellish pain. I am looking forward to no more shooting pain that travels up the left arm and shoulder and into my neck. My neurologist sent me to the ALS Clinic in November 2011 in Vancouver BC. Canada...