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    Like my Beer and Football!

    Quit drinking about 5 months ago to try and save my marriage, didn't work out so well and got my diagnosis in the process. So, still being safe and just staying in my place when I do BUT, here's to cold beer and football while I can still enjoy it! :razz: Kenny
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    Got the diagnosis and a quick, ironic tangent

    Good morning friends. On Tuesday my wife and I got the diagnosis we were expecting but still did not want to hear, I was officially diagnosed with ALS by my neurologist. He is referring me to the ALS clinic at George Washington U in downtown Washington, DC. Working on getting my appt...
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    Abnormal EMG with Lymes?

    Hi all! Realize I'm probably grasping here but just wondering if Lymes could cause abnormal EMG's. Waiting, impatiently :?:, for my Lyme WB test results but curious if the Lymes could cause this. Again, know it's a big stretch since the abnormal EMG's were in three limbs but.... Thanks for...
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    Good days/Bad Days early on?

    Hi all. Been a rough few days since the second bad EMG on Monday but my wife (even though we're separated) has been an amazing source of support and strength along with all of you here. Also, doctors are still pursuing the Lyme possibility. Got the bloodwork done today for the Western Blot...
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    EMG Tests today not good

    So, just got back from neuro. Did the EMG and NCV on my left arm and leg and EMG on my neck and lower back. He said the tests were definitely "abnormal" and that he believes it's MND. Wouldn't say ALS yet but did mention it, I go back Monday for the same tests on the right side. Great way to...
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    Running out of possibilities

    Hi all, new user here and wondering if all the signs are pointing to ALS. I'm a 40 yr old male. Symptoms are as follows: pretty significant weakness in my left leg and left arm. Both legs are really stiff and walking is becoming more troublesome seemingly by the day. I have trouble...