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    Sleep, or a lack there of

    Well here it is 2:20 in the a.m. and I find I'm unable sleep for the second knight running. The sleep aid mertazopean was unbeknownst to me was having a negative reaction with one of pain killers so i decided to stop the sleep aid. Smart? Did I mention it's 2:25 on Monday mornig. Does anyonr...
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    Marshall protocol?

    Does anyone know or have experience with the Marshall protocol?
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    Anything on the horizon

    I wonder if any one has read or knows of any drug trials in early or late phases of research that hold promise. I'm familiar with the widely known ones such as the Brainstorm trial in Israel and the other stem cell trial that's taking place at Emory in Atlanta, but looking for something else to...
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    I was diagnosed two years ago, I'm 41 and still in relatively good shape(legs are working fine), and stairs are not an issue for me. I'vbeen thinking about all the stairs in my house and what will happen when I'm no longer able to climb them. Other than moving to a new house I'm wondering what...
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    41 years old bu

    My name is Alan Fox and I was diagnosed at the age of 39 with bulbar onset ALS. That was two years ago, at this point I still function at a pretty high level and continue to work from the office 3 to 4 times a week. My main issue is the severe pain I experience in the back of the neck when...
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    Fight fight fight

    My name is Alan I'm 40 years old and was diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS June 2011. Since that time I've been able to operate at a fairly high level. I continue to work(30 hours a week), and take part in my children's activities. The illness has resulted in me living in pain (neck pain)from the...