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    My peg tube experience

    i was eating pureed food and losing weight. it was time for a peg. it was put in on a thurs in feb. the next day i went home. that evening i had extremely painful muscle spasms in my back. on sat went to the er and was admitted to the hospital. muscle relaxers, pain pills, and iv fluids got rid...
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    Been off line for over 4 months

    Been off line for awhile, now catching up. In feb had a peg put in and ended up in the hospital for eleven weeks. (i'll explain in my next post ) just want to say welcome to our new members, wish it was under different circumstances. And share my sadness and prayers with the family and...
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    wheelchair accessible mini vans

    Does anybody have any opinions about the various systems put on the mini vans for wheelchair access? Any thing you wish was different with what you have or any other recommendations. Also, any input on what brand of mini vans seems to work the best?
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    First post, saying hi

    Hi folks, My 1st post. About me: my name is ed. 62 yr old male; born and raised in southern calif. Married for 30 years to my beautiful wife Janice; one daughter, 29 yrs old, one son 24 yrs old. Retired in jan 2010 after 36 yrs with local phone company, at&t (originally pacific telephone...