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    For example: I went to the doctor and the knee's reflexes are oke, but my arms don't do anything when hitting with the reflexes hammer? Is NO reflexes in arms a ALS symptom?
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    Is this a symptom of ALS?

    I know that twitchin without weakness is not a ALS symptom but what about a muscle that vibrates for 1-3 seconds without a reason? (Like there's a ''vibrator'' in your leg'')
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    Muscle weakness

    Hi everybody! First of all I want to wish you all a merry Christmas! I got a ''simple" question, I am observing different diseases with muscle weakness, I am a gym teacher in Belgium. But what is muscle weakness exactly? How can you recognize it in your arms or legs? Thank you
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    What do you mean with this sentence?

    Hello everybody, I'm Lorenzo 21 years old and from Belgium. Three months ago I start searching for those fasciculations in my body. The first site I found was a ALS site and Wikipedia ofcourse. Can you describe what a fasciculation is or a muscle twitch? I don't think I have fasciculations...