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    Hand Atrophy Pictures

    That is how my brother in law's hands looked also once his hands were afflicted. He had been misdiagnosed by some idiot Orthopedic surgeon who thought he had Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Carpal Tunnel does not do that to your hands. He had surgery on his hands for the misdiagnosis. Later on once his...
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    In Memory of Jerry Timpone

    Thank you all so much for the kind and supportive words. This Forum is so cathartic for people who have lost their loved ones, and obviously very supportive for those that are going through ALS either as the patient or as a relative of a patient. I believe in my heart one day there will be a...
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    searching for smiles

    Hi Sarah, I am terribly sorry for your loss, and I know you are having a tough time. I recently lost my brother in law, and my niece his daughter is only 30. He was only 57. During the last two years of his life she had him live with her and her husband and took care of him. It has been very...
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    In Memory of Jerry Timpone

    My brother in law passed away March 26, 2008, from ALS with Dementia. He was only 57. We will miss him terribly. He was practically a part of my whole life. When he first met my oldest sister, I was 11 and I will soon turn 50. So for 39 years this man saw me grow up, graduate, and later get...
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    Cheryl My deepest sympathies to you and your family. We just lost my brother in law on March 26th so we all know how you feel. It is not fair. My brother in law was only 57, and had a lot of life ahead of him. Why this happens is a mystery. Please take care.
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    To tube, or not to tube (feeding tube pros and cons)

    My brother in law was on the feeding tube for some time before he passed away, and also his bi-pap machine both up until the day he passed away which was last Wednesday. My niece wanted him to go peacefully, and even though she had power of attorney, and he had a DNR, he agreed with her on the...
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    Doctors lacking compassion

    Thank you for the kind words. It just does not seem possible that he is gone. He was such a wonderful person. He was truly loved and will be truly missed. In follow up to the doctor situation, she never went to see my brother in law at the Hospice. At one point she was recommending that he be...
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    Doctors lacking compassion

    My brother in law passed away on March 26, and we had his funeral on Monday the 31st. He will be greatly missed. I just wanted to update everyone. We are all so very sad, especially his beloved daughter. :cry:
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    Doctors lacking compassion

    :( Has anyone treated with Dr. Carlayne E. Jackson of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas? Well if you haven't, do not start. My brother in law was diagnosed with ALS approximately two years ago. He has ALS with Dementia. He is only 57 years old. From the time...